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If you are work loaded so you can comprehend that you love to work at night, but if you are not, have a long 8-hour sleep at night because the first step to healthy sleep well. According to medical science the size of men’s brain is larger than women’s brain, but the women’s brain works fast. If you did not get total sleep so either you are men or women your brain did not work according to your wish.

One of the most common causes of insomnia is a poor bedtime routine. Most people don’t realize it’s the things you do within the hour before you go to bed that determine how quickly you fall asleep and how restful that sleep will be.

Take a look at the following list and see if you can improve your bedtime routines:

  • No caffeine. It over stimulates your body and prevents you from sleeping. Drinking caffeine in the hours leading up to bedtime can severely impact your ability to fall asleep. Remember, caffeine can be a hidden ingredient in soda and chocolate.
  • No cigarettes. Nicotine works in the same way as caffeine, over stimulating the body and keeping you awake and alert.
  • Avoid Fatty and Spicy Foods. Each person is different, but certain foods will cause acid reflux, flatulence and stomach upset. Hot curries, fish and chips and nachos covered with beans and cheese can all contribute to a poor night’s sleep. So have an early dinner – don’t eat right before bed. And whether you cook or bring home takeaways, make sure it’s filling without being too unhealthy.
  • Avoid Overstimulation. Turn off the TV, put down the game console and shut down the computer at least an hour before bed. The light from these sources tricks your eyes into thinking it’s daylight, and the nature of most TV programs and games raise your heart rate, making it more difficult to relax. Instead, choose quiet activities, such as reading a book or meditation.
  • Take a bath. One of the easiest ways to relax and ease you into sleep is by having a relaxing bath about an hour before bedtime. Add a few drops of chamomile or lavender essential oil to the bathwater to induce sleepiness.
  • Have a massage. Not only does the touch of a partner or professional feel really nice, but it stimulates blood flow which helps you relax and drift off to sleep.
  • A proper nightly routine focusing on bringing down your energy levels to prepare you for sleep can cure insomnia and help people fall asleep faster. Combine these ideas with herbal sleep remedies for the ultimate insomnia cure.


For more information about insomnia and sleep remedies, you can look for the Sleep and Insomnia Guide.

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Five resourceful tips to help you sleep well at night


The best protection for insomnia may be averted a sleepless night from occurring in the first place. Performing psychologically or bodily stressful tasks or partaking in harmful stimuli during the time of evening hours which can greatly impact your quality of sleep later. Chronic, occasional sleeping difficulty can be lessening by following some of these simple rules during the time of evening hours:

1) Caffeine is a drug and its side effects make a person feel jittery & nervous, thusly contributing to another sleepless night — even many hours after its usage. Caffeine just feeds into the endless cycle of lack of sleep/trying to stay awake/lack of sleep etc…

2) Much the same can be said about soda or other sugared products. If you’re having trouble sleeping, taking sweets within several hours of bedtime can make you feel too hyper and keyed-up to fall asleep.

3) Try to eat your last meal (or snack) at least 2 hours before bed, and avoid overeating. Eating too soon before bedtime may induce a state of temporary drowsiness, but soon thereafter may be followed by abnormal digestion, rapid heartbeat, acid reflux, or make you feel just plain miserable as you toss and turn with sleeping difficulty for hours.

4) Excessive alcohol intake to combat insomnia has many side effects. Too much alcohol prior to bedtime may initially induce sleep easily, but may also result in the following:

  • Waking up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep.
  • Sleeping throughout the night but waking up feeling like you had a lack of sleep.
  • Waking up looking disheveled or with hangover symptoms.
  • A combination of all of the above.

If you “must” drink, limit it to just one drink which may be enough to induce sleep yet help you dodge its side effects.

5) Smokers are usually very light sleepers — waking up at the slightest noise, sometimes unable to fall back asleep. Though telling a smoker to quit is unrealistic for this article, those who smoke should use some common sense and try to avoid nicotine at least a few hours before bedtime.


6) If you’ve been having trouble sleeping — take care of any important business or errands early, at least 3 hours before bedtime. If you have bills to pay, important obligations to fulfill, errands to run, or important phone calls to make, try to tackle these tasks late afternoon or early evening before dinner. This may help prevent repetitive stressful thoughts as you try to avoid another sleepless night.

7) Your lack of sleep may make you feel the need to doze off during the day. Though short afternoon naps can be beneficial, napping too late in the day can upset your body clock, contributing to sleeping difficulty as you try to fall asleep later. Be sure not to take a nap, even for a few minutes, during the evening hours.

8) Here’s one good way to avoid a sleepless night if you live away from city noises and the weather cooperates — open your window and let nature’s sound in. You’d be surprised how peaceful and beneficial outdoor sounds can be towards your goal of obtaining better quality sleep.

9) Finally, pay attention to your room climate if you’re having trouble sleeping. Is it too cold or too warm? Often, without realizing it, sleeping difficulty may be a result of uncomfortable room temperatures. If there are reasons preventing you from heating the whole home (such as if you’re renting a room), invest in a quiet fan or space heater. It may take some time before your room heats or cools to your desired temperature, so make any necessary adjustments at least a few hours before bedtime.

With a little discipline and common sense, sleeping difficulty and insomnia can be avoided. Don’t super-size your dinner or have it too late, and keep any late night snack small. Finally, be sure to keep stress low, relaxation high, and your room/house climate comfortable. There’s no reason to endure another sleepless night.

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Natural Sleeping Remedies


We are racing against time and all of us are in a hurry to prove ourselves. It is tough to survive in this competitive world. This leads to a lot of stress and anxiety. Depression is also a result of stress. This indirectly changes our sleeping pattern, slowly taking away the regular sleep from us. What do we do under such circumstances? We cannot be sleep deprived for a longer period of time. Here are few natural sleeping remedies that can benefit you instantly:


You must begin your day with a good set of exercise. You can also carry out your gymming activities during the evenings. It will increase the metabolic rate of the body and will throw the toxins out. It also energizes the body. Avoid exercising before bedtime as the body will be in active mode.


Bananas are a great source of tryptophan, magnesium and potassium. These compounds are essential to grab a good sleep. Eat a banana before you plan to sleep. Give a 30-minute break and hit the bed.


The red juicy cherries are just not tempting to eat but are also beneficial to the health. Melatonin assures a healthy and sound sleep. Cherries contains tryptophan which is converted to the happiness hormones named as serotonin. This serotonin later gets converted to melatonin which gives you a good sleep.

Aroma bath:

A lot has been heard about Aromatherapy and it’s benefits. It is said to have a great impact on insomnia. An aroma bath will completely relax your body and mind. Take a bucket full of lukewarm water and pour 2 drops of ylang-ylang oil to it. Stir it. Now add 4 drops of lavender oil to it. Let the oils be diluted. Take a warm shower using this newly formed water. Your body will be relaxed and will fetch you some sleep. You can also try with other variants of aroma oils.

Drink Warm Milk:

Milk has ample benefits and we all have accepted it. A glass of warm milk can help you to deal with your irregular sleeping pattern. Milk has tryptophan which regulates sleep. Apart from dealing with insomnia it is also a rich source of calcium. It sharpens your memory and keeps you healthy.

Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea has a soothing effect on the brain cells. It signals the brain to relax. Boil some water and add few Chamomile flowers. Once it is brewed, allow it to cool down.  Strain it and now add few drops of lemon to it.  Stir it well and drink it an hour before you sleep. A warm Chamomile tea will make you sleep easily.

Hope this article has been useful to you. If you are dealing with insomnia, these effective remedies will be of great help to you. In case of severe sleep disorders, it is wise to consult your doctor and seek help from the professionals. Share your feedback with us and let us know your opinion.

How to get a healthy sleep


What is insomnia?

Insomnia is difficulty falling asleep or sleep disturbance to normal. If you cannot sleep tight at night, you are not good enough to work the next day. However, frequent or insomnia may be due to chronic illness, stress, bad sleeping conditions, or changes in life (family death, job loss, emotional). Depression is also one of the causes of insomnia.

Everyone has a biological clock, and cycle mode – sleep; cycles corresponding to light – dark. Medicine today has proved that if you break the cycle formula – natural sleep, for example, school students awake all night, night shift work increases, the result is to sleep. Sleep time is not corresponding to the time you do not sleep that it often requires more, with mood swings, irritability or feeling tired.

How to put a good biological clock?

Must find the root cause of insomnia before thanks to the effects of the drug, and treatments only when absolutely necessary is how to create a healthy cycle.

Some things to note in order to have a good sleep:

  1. Exercise every morning, or afternoon. Exercise should not create much in the evening; it stimulates your body and lead to difficulty sleeping.
  2. If hunger can snack before bed, for example, drinking a little glass of milk or eat cake.
  3. Beds appropriate. Do not enter the bedroom with reading rooms, classrooms, or TV work.
  4. Sleep suits a quiet, dark and moderate temperature.
  5. You can take bath before sleeping, or you can listen to soft music.
  6. Try to create a good schedule, go to bed and wake up on time for moderation.
  7. When you feel stressed, practice steps to relax more comfortable to fall asleep easily. Criss-cross your fingers and put your hands up, take a deep breath and stretch your body. You will feel relaxed and will have a sound sleep.
  8. If you wake up at night, try to practice relaxation exercises to help back to sleep. If you cannot sleep after 20 minutes, went out of bed, work such as reading, watching TV, trying to escape from thoughts of anxiety, try to relax until you fall asleep.
  9. If you have to do shift work or schedule changes abruptly, trying to maintain the biological clock of your routine.

Things to avoid:

  1. Avoid caffeine after 2 pm – for example, tea, coffee, Coca-Cola, chocolate.
  2. Do not eat too much before bedtime.
  3. Avoid alcohol in the evening. Alcohol can make you sleep easier, but is itself breaking your biological clock and can make you wake up early the next day.
  4. Do not sleep, unless you create a habit like that (i.e. napping).
  5. Do not smoke close to bedtime or during the night. Nicotine is a powerful stimulant; it can break the cycle mode – your bed. Best not to smoke!
  6. Sleeping pills are not a good resolution. Break it out of your biological clock, also can cause addiction, should be used only in a short time, have a doctor’s appointment. If you suffer from depression, insomnia, antidepressants will work better.

How to be a morning person


Being a morning person is the perfect gift to oneself. However, it is slightly difficult to be a morning person. No matter how much we prepare mentally to wake up early in the morning, we console ourselves and doze off again just to regret later on. I agree promises are meant to be broken, but not the ones that can fetch you a great life. The following are some of the best tips to attempt to be a morning person:

Get more sleep:

Yes, you read it right. Our body needs complete rest to wake up in the morning. It is said that 8 hours of sleep is mandatory for the body. Thus, sleep early and ensure that you fulfill your daily quota. This will not deprive you of sleep and will make it easy for you to wake up early. You might find it difficult at the initial stage, however you will be habituated once you set the sleep clock.

Go to sleep when you are tired:

This is the common mistake that we all make. We keep yawning and postponing the sleep time. This will increase the stress hormones, making the body active and taking away the good amount of sleep that would have benefitted the body. Thus, ensure that you hit the bed when you are tired. Do not be on your mobile phones once you are lying on the bed.

Create the right nighttime routine:

Your room must be set in such a way that you are at ease once you enter your room. Your bed must be soft and comfortable to hold you for the night’s sleep. Your bed linens and pillow covers must be clean and dust free.  Try using silk pillow covers and bed sheets to get a nice sleep. Place all the important things next to your bed so that you don’t have to wake up again and again to get the things that you need. Place a bottle of water next to you. Let the moon lights are dim and windows be closed. If you have the habit of flipping through some books or magazines, do read it and prepare your mind to sleep.

Stop pressing snooze:

If you really want to be a morning person, this is one habit that you must deal with. Set up a time when you are sure to wake up. There is no use of setting your alarm clock at 5 and waking by 7 because you are habituated with the snooze button. This will have a great impact on Rapid Eye Movement. You do not have to sleep for longer hours. Focus n your quality hours and get a nice sleep.

Get moving as quickly as possible:

Once you wake up, do not be slow with the activities as it will tempt you to go back to sleep your blankets and quilts and place them properly. Run to the washroom and splash some cold water on your face.  You can also get ready in your tracks and hit the gym. Walk in the park or join a yoga class. This will increase the body metabolism.

Do follow these tips and be a morning person.

Difficulty in waking up in the morning


Many people have difficulty waking up on time in the mornings. Most often it is not such a big deal to sleep an extra 5 or 10 minutes. However, there are occasions when you must get up on time to do the thing you are supposed to do.
There are many reasons for not waking up early in the morning

  • Hypnagogic hallucinations, exploding head syndrome, and various sleep problems are common in today’s society. Many people live demanding lifestyles, with activity filling up every hour of every day. Because of this, you fail to get enough restful sleep at night. Instead, you have nightmares every time you try to doze off. What’s causing these bad dreams and what steps could you look at in order to prevent them?


  • Bad dreams or nightmares refer not only to actual dreams, but as well as to anything while sleeping which makes you feeling negatively after you awaken. Those who have nightmares usually have trouble going back to sleep once they awaken. This tremendously influences your own body clock and, in turn, your well-being. Majority of us suffer from nightmares at some time within our lives. Research indicates approximately 75% of dreams possess unfavorable content. Sleep experts devote their lives to studying what causes these nightmares along with other problems so they can assist you in getting the right amount of restful sleep each night.


  • No person as yet knows the actual causes of sleep disorders, but there are several variables linked to it. Constant worry is usually one of the offenders many people name. Those with many concerns end up awake in the middle of the night. It can be due to a nightmare or because they couldn’t sleep from the get go. In these instances, enjoying a relaxing massage and also dealing with the main cause of anxiety while you’re awake help you avoid sleep issues.


  • Certain problems, like hypnagogic hallucinations, are effects associated with medication. Stress and mental illness can cause it too, but you can find more occurrences of it in folks ingesting narcolepsy medication. Hallucinogens likewise induce this disorder. You may feel as though you’re plunging, or like you are situated in a puddle of liquid. You may also get to hear sounds just before waking up. In these instances, a physician recommends relief medication to battle the side effects and also help you to unwind.

Certain sleeping disorders come from other sorts of physical ailments. Sleep apnea, or the blockage of your airway during sleep, occurs to people who have asthma or weak respiratory system, or overweight people. Exploding head syndrome, or hearing high decibel sounds in sleep, usually denotes disorders in your middle ear. Take into account any medical condition you possibly have if you ever experience this nightmare. Can your issue induce your dream the slightest bit? If your reply is positive, it is best to talk to your doctor about your medical illness. Explain that this is affecting your own sleeping behavior. Together you’ll be able to come up with answers and therapy that will enable you to get a good night’s sleep.

Getting familiar with these conditions may take a very long time, and yet you can start using what you already know today. Doctors continue to perform further studies to increase our knowledge of these incidences. Do your part by visiting them should you feel any trouble. Spend some time to observe your very own sleeping practices, and cross-reference them with how you live. Take note in case you have health problems which alter your sleeping pattern. Understanding what triggers your sleeping difficulty can help you discover solutions so you can enjoy a healthy sleep in the future.

Best things to do before sunrise


A lot of things must be done once you wake up early. This is the best time to add value to your life. Wondering how? Here goes the list of things that you can follow once you wake up before sunrise:

Write the day plan:
Planning and actions go hand in hand. There are many things that you would want to achieve in life. Set a daily plan and include the most important thing that you are planning to do. You can make a journal of short-term plans that will help you to achieve the long-term goals.

Go to a yoga class:

Yoga is just not meant for physical exercising, but will also help you to get the mental balance. There are various Asanas that works on various parts of the body. It includes mediation which will calm and relax you. Mental peace is a must to lead a healthy life.

Read newspaper and books:

Yes, if you love reading, morning hours are the best time as your mind will be fresh and active. Remember, those school days when we were forced to wake-up early in the morning and engage oneself in studies. Open your favorite book and get completely lost in it. You can also read few pages of the motivational book as it will give you positive vibes. Reading the newspaper on a regular basis is the best way to keep oneself updated.

Get Outside:

If you are part of a gated society or community, you are blessed to have ample space to breathe fresh air. Do not be indoors if you wake up early and have a park nearby. The fresh air will supply not only oxygen but will increase your body metabolism.

Be Productive:

If you do not like going out, try out other alternatives that can make you hyperactive in the mornings. Finish your chores such as cleaning, cooking and laundry. These are the best form of exercises and will definitely burn your calories.

Make yourself good food:
Do not think about your problems early in the morning and upset yourself. Think about your achievements and the good things that you have done so far. Secondly, prepare some good food that will make you happy. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also try some sugary products as they will increase the body’s metabolic rate. It will increase your sugar level as well.

Be Grateful:

We are too busy in cribbing such that we forget to appreciate the best things in life. Take out some time and acknowledge the best people and best things that have ever happened to you. Be grateful to the Almighty and be contented with yourself.
Hope this article has been useful to you. Do follow these simple tips when you wake up before sunrise. Be productive at the wee hours of the day and reach closer to your goals. Do share your experience with us and let us know your regime if you wake up before sunrise.

Best morning rituals to be followed


Yes, you read it right. Following morning rituals can make or break your day. The following are the best morning rituals to be followed:

Warm Lemon water:

The first thing that you should do is drink a glass of lukewarm water with few drops of lemon juice added to it. Add few drops of honey to it as well. This will clear your toxins out and will prepare your digestive system for the upcoming meals. This will also increase the metabolic rate of the body.

Scrape your tongue:

Yes, your tongue has also a lot of food left-outs on it. When you wake up, ensure that you wake up your tongue as well. No, you don’t have to eat to set your tongue into active mode. Scrape your tongue and throw the residue out. It will also set your breath right. Purchase a stainless scraper or buy a U-shaped scraper and scrape your tongue thoroughly. Spit the residue out.


Wake up your entire body, just not your brain. The body needs to equally coordinate with the mind. Stretching is the best form of exercising in the morning. Your muscles will be more relaxed and will be prepared for the day’s workout. If you enough time in the mornings do join yoga class or hit the gym. This will awaken the entire body cells and you will not doze off again.

Dry Brush your body:

It is mostly followed in an Ayurvedic session as it benefits the body. Choose a good exfoliating brush which has smooth bristles. Apply a little pressure and scrub your body. This will clean the dead cells as well as improve the blood circulation.

Listen to motivating music:

Music is a great way to begin your day with. You can either listen to some motivational speeches to prepare yourself mentally. If you looking for something to turn you into active mode, try out some peppy or the music that sets your mood. An OM chanting mantra also has a great effect on the mind.

Green Smoothie drink:

The leafy green vegetables will benefit your body by supplying the necessary nutrients. You can choose spinach or kale or any green vegetable. Blend it to form a juice or smoothie and drink it. You can also add sugar to it as sugar will kick start your metabolism.


Searching for peace? Lack control over your thoughts? Meditation is the only solution to these worries. It will calm your mind and set your focus right. Once you have supplied food to your stomach, prepare yourself to meditate. Use a yoga mat or a bedsheet for meditation. Sit straight and close your eyes. Be free from all the disturbances. Relax yourself and meditate.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do follow these morning rituals and gift yourself the best days of your life. Let us know your opinion on these rituals. You can also share your early morning regime with us.


7 Ways to wake up feeling energized


The mornings are the best way to set your day. If you wake up with high levels of energy, you will tend to be energetic the whole day. If you continue being lazy, be prepared for a soggy day. Here are few tips to wake up feeling energized:

Get in tune with your body’s wake-up cycle:

The body has a certain way of reacting to things and one must be able to set it up. Follow a routine and your body will definitely adapt to it. Frequent changes will make it difficult for the body to function. For example: If you are habituated to sleep by 10.00 pm and wake up by 6.00 pm, your body will signal the same on everyday basis.

Avoid sweets before bedtime:

Yes, sweets are a strict no-no before you sleep. They will increase the blood sugar level in the body, which will ultimately release the stress hormones. This will disturb your sleep cycle, ultimately taking away the body repair time from you. If you love chocolates, it is advisable to take sweets in the mornings as they have a small dose of caffeine in it.

Let your room be dark:

A small ray of light can be disturbing at times. Set a sleeping environment which will induce sleep. Make it complete dark so that the lights do not bother you. You can also go with some room spray which will just make you doze off.

Start your day with a positive note:

Yes, you read it right. Why bother yourself with early morning negative thoughts? A negative thought has a huge impact on your thought process. It will create a stir in your mind and will release stress hormones. Think about the things that you want to achieve in your life and avoid things that have been a disaster for you. If possible repeat positive things several times to create positive vibes among yourself.

Drink water one you wake-up:

To begin your day on a fresh note, drink lukewarm water in empty stomach. It will kick start your body metabolism as well as supply you energy. The bowel movement will also be clear and all the toxins will be eliminated from the body.


The best way to remain active throughout the day is to exercise. The toxins will be released out in the form of sweat and the body will be supplied with fresh energy. It will tone your body fats, improve your blood circulation and also help in food digestion. You can choose any form of exercise such as yoga, gym, swimming, jogging and so on.


You need to calm your mind to set it right, isn’t it? Meditation is the best way to relax and be free from stress hormones. Just sit, relax and meditate for few minutes.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do follow these simple tips and bring the desired change in your lifestyle. A healthy morning leads to a healthy life.

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